Buy real gold pendant with gemstones online

Gold pendants as a gift for loved ones

We wear gold pendants not only because they look good, but also because it is a meaningful connection to a special person. Therefore, gold jewelry is often given as a gift for the one or the one you love. Pendants made of gold are among the most popular pieces of jewelry. One can get gold pendants in almost any design. We at OpusOpal have a wide range of different exclusive and unique designs and finished jewelry in our assortment. Each of our products is lovingly handcrafted. We also offer custom jewelry making, you give us a design suggestion and we will forge you a piece of jewelry exactly as you wish. We specialize in opal jewelry, so most of our pendants have an opal as the main stone. 

Unique jewelry for any occasion - the gold pendant

With unique jewelry, you will always stand out in the crowd. It completes your stylish wardrobe, completes your look and makes you the center of attention at any event. At Opus-Opal, we have an extensive assortment in this area and we are sure that we will find something suitable for you as well. We have many other beautiful pieces of jewelry in our assortment, such as rings or earrings, but here we will talk about our pendants made of gold. Each of our jewelry is made from genuine materials, such as 14k or 18k yellow gold or even white gold. Our gold jewelry is always set with a main stone, such as an opal or a ruby, we also offer pendants with sapphire. In addition to the main stone, an accent stone is also often set, such as a small diamond. You are welcome to contact us if you would like to have a unique piece of jewelry made according to your ideas. In addition, we always deliver with a photo certificate, which confirms the authenticity of our products.

For every occasion a piece of jewelry

For many women and men it is important to have a larger collection of jewelry at home. Many different types of pendants are available from us at a very attractive price. With us the customer is king and therefore we always try to make the price fair. Because of our large selection or the possibility to have a piece of jewelry made to order, you can buy an infinite number of different pendants from us. You should own different pieces so that you are always well equipped for the different occasions. Here we recommend owning different types, such as a ruby pendant and a sapphire pendant in gold. Of course, a pendant with opal should not be missing in your collection. Many people use pendants to show their love for their partners and other people, so many people also wear pendants in the shape of hearts, you can also find them in our assortment. 

Satisfaction of our customers is one of the main goals of our work. We want to make the purchase of our goods as stress-free and easy as possible. Therefore, we have made the ordering process in our store very simple. The best quality at the best price - that's what OpusOpal offers.
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