Earrings gold and silver, ear studs, opal- and gemstone-jewelry

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Buy gold and silver earrings, ear studs, gold jewelry, silver jewelry, opal-jewelry and gemstone-jewelry at attractive price online!

Earrings gold, earrings silver, ear studs, opal jewellery and gemstone jewellery are available at OpusOpal at attractive prices.  With earrings or ear studs for men and earrings or ear studs for women made of silver or gold, set with high quality gemstones, you can buy valuable unique jewellery at OpusOpal.  You will often not be able to take your eyes off your earrings or ear studs, even with another gemstone.

At OpusOpal you will find what you are looking for. Waiter, why not let us advise you. We also manufacture your Opal earring or an earring with gemstone exactly according to your ideas. Look also gladly times in the category manufacturing purely. The next gemstone earring or opal earring from OpusOpal can be yours. We make earrings or ear studs for men as well as earrings or ear studs for women.

Earrings or ear studs with opals!

Choose earrings or ear studs with an opal. You will be thrilled by your opal jewellery made of gold or silver and will always find new colour combinations and colour patterns. Let us convince you in the same way we have already convinced many customers of our earrings or ear studs. A men earring or ear stud or a women earring or ear stud ?

Earrings or ear studs with gemstones!

Other gemstones are also used in our earrings or ear studs. We also subject these gemstones to very strict controls with regard to quality, purity, brilliance, cut and polish. Only the best ones make it into a gold or silver earring or ear stud, often as a silver-yellow-gold combination.

Always one earring or ear stud unique!

We at OpusOpal produce each earring or ear stud in our own workshop. You can be sure that you will always receive a genuine and unique earring or ear stud from us. The opal earring or earring with gemstone is delivered with a certificate of authenticity. We use the best and purest materials. These include gold, palladium, silver and copper in its purest form. Let us convince you of our work today and secure your earrings or ear studs.