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OpusOpal, online shop for unique jewellery, opals and gemstones!

Welcome to OpusOpal!

We are pleased to welcome you at OpusOpal opalshop, gemstone shop or jewelry shop. On our website you have the opportunity to purchase high quality opals (GEM grade) from Australia, top cut gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, tourmalines, tanzanites and many other gemstones as well as precious designer jewellery. We as jewelry designers use only high quality gemstones and opals for the design and creation of gold and silver jewelry. Especially those men who are interested in individual men's jewellery for themselves will surely find what they are looking for at OpusOpal. If not, you can also send us your wishes and ideas. Noble exclusive men's gold jewellery but also silver jewellery is now available on the Internet! The ladies will of course also be available. Opal jewelry to fall in love with.

With pieces of jewellery ...

With pieces of jewellery made of gold and silver, set with high quality gemstones, you buy valuable unique pieces at OpusOpal. You will often not be able to take your eyes away from your piece of jewellery. Especially the Opal, the most beautiful stone on this earth with its different characteristics, is a real gemstone. Its brilliant colours and the play of these colours to each other fascinate again and again and invite you to dream. Processed in an individual and unique piece of jewellery, this stone blooms even more and magically fascinates interested eyes. Look into the faces of the people who look at your unique piece. They will agree with us!

Only genuine opals and real gemstones are used in our products. You will never receive doublets, triplets or synthetic stones from us in pieces of jewelry or single as a whole gemstone. The only exception to this rule is laboratory made opal material for inlays, as no one destroys a top opal to obtain inlay material. (So the same basic material as for naturally occurring opals is only bred and crushed). Take care of your opal by rinsing it from time to time with lukewarm water. He will thank you for it. Discover timeless and unique jewellery of lasting value in the online shop of OpusOpal.

gold jewellery, gold alloy, silver alloy

You can obtain gold jewelry from us in the most common alloys such as yellow gold 585 (14 k), 750 (18 k) and 916 (22 k) as well as palladium-containing nickel-free white gold in 750 (18 k). If you would like to have a different alloy, please contact us. We also produce silver jewellery. This often in combination with yellow gold alloys. The alloy of the silver jewellery consists of noble 925 or 935 silver.

exclusive designer jewellery, men's jewellery, women's jewellery, precious stones, diamonds and especially opals

You will not find any lined or super thin jewellery (asian mass production). Here we do not want to compete, because we simply do not like it. We only produce jewellery made of solid gold or silver. You can recognize this by the weight of the piece of jewellery.

100 % Customer Satisfaction

As an online retailer or manufacturer and supplier of high-quality unique jewellery and precious stones (and as a family business), we can only win your trust if everything is done to your complete satisfaction. This is also possible without investing a fortune every month in various seal providers, as only the financially strong large companies can.

In order to win your trust ...

In order to win your trust and show you that we keep what we promise, we are of course also dependent on the news from our previous customers. In addition to our offer for payment via PayPal and the included PayPal anti-personnel protection program, you will also have a tool at your fingertips to make sure that you are 100% safe when shopping with us. However, we can also assure you that you do not need PayPal to buy securely from us. Please have a look at our section "Sold unique items" and read the reports of the respective customers about your purchased unique item (rating stars are orange). You will notice that we keep what we promise.

Should you not like a unique piece of jewellery or a gemstone, you are welcome to send it back again and you will receive the purchase price immediately refunded.

Our claim is also further on a 100 % customer satisfaction.

Our quality standards

We place the highest value on quality in the manufacture of our jewelry. All our offered rings as well as all other jewellery pieces with gemstones go through a strict quality control with us, before we offer these in our shop to purchase. With all our gemstones we always set the standard very high. This scale includes clarity, color, cut, cut quality, proportions, the polish amd symmetry of the gemstones we offer. Not only here in Germany, as for example in Idar-Oberstein, you will find very good gemstone cutters. So also in e.g. Thailand there are masters of this craft. Often our gemstones were then also cut there to perfection. With all our offered pieces of jewellery you can be sure that you always receive a solid and massively manufactured piece of jewellery. We do not offer Asian mass jewellery from too thin or hollowed out precious metals. With us there is only jewellery on the basis of a full casting.

Secure online shopping without risk with PayPal buyer protection!

Do you have concerns about buying on the Internet for higher amounts? No problem! We also offer PayPal with its integrated buyer protection program as a payment option. But be sure that you will not fall into the wrong hands if you choose the payment method "Prepayment / Bank Transfer". We do not belong to those who are out for quick profit. Every customer is covered and individually attended to by us. You will be constantly informed via e-mail about the progress of your order until YOUR unique jewellery has arrived safely.

Do you have any more questions?

No worries. Simply contact us and we will be happy to advise you free of charge! You are also welcome to call us at the following number +49 171 74 33 240.

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